We Are
9Fox Entertainment

We are the music

makers, and we are

the dreamers of dreams.

We have producer, music director, event manage, creative projects to accommodate all musical styles. We take care of the production of singles and albums, corporate music, soundtracks, advertising, movie soundtracks and music show. Both songs recast and old songs to remix including music videos and video production work also visual graphics accompanying the music to meet the needs of an individual concept.

We have a show on stage by the Nine Fox Entertainment artists or connect artists from music labels. AS well as independent artists who partner with us. Music in a variety of ways for the complete accuracy of all the work that we care.

We create and manage events concerts, exhibitions, music with the establishment of a team of lighting, sound stage image. Directed shows for every area with high standard internationally.

With experience that spans over 25 years in the music industry and the entertainment industries co-founded and management ensured that our music. It has high quality and defines what you want as well.

Most important our company response for licensed and copyrighted music as of today we have more than 200 songs are registered correctly. According to copyright law and intellectual property. Terms can be used in various applications, whether it’s a TV show, concert or only in very handy. According to the International covenant.